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A Fan-made RWBY weapon, made for a character i may one day post said character, if i ever learn to make faces, or i could post it with it's face hidden under a mask.

The Torcher at first glance is a rather brutish looking weapon, with a unnecessarily wide single edged blade and a massive handle to fit it, the weapon generally seems to be cumbersome and heavy [ which it is ] but in most cases it can more than make up with it's sheer power and versatility, the total weapon lenght measures at Seven feet.

1. The Trigger lever, this is used to detonate the secondary function of the weapon [ 4 and 5 ], despite just being a lever it's position for a grip near the "Guard" to aid in keeping a good aiming while using this functions, it requires some force to pull down preventing accidental activation.

2. This gear and additional space is used to fold the triggering lever, generally in case the function is not needed or ammunition conservation is necessary.

3. A Massive, heavy and somewhat sharpened cleaver of a blade, this massive brute blade its mostly used as a last ditch defense in close Quarters, nevertheless the mixed weight and size can make it quite effective when performing heavy attacks since they carry quite a punch even if blocked, mixed with the secondary function the blade is usually used more as a Polearm than a sword.

4. An energized Dust lance, ne of the two uses of the secondary function of the "Torcher" is generating a weightless energized spike of dust, this spike is usually used as a lance with it being able to extend the reach of the weapon up to nine feet, when in this modality a smaller "flame" like spike o dust forms near the exhaust, when pulling the lever the spike will extend to quite an extensive reach.

5. The alternative secondary function is a "flak" cannon which fires a barrage of dust shards in a cone, working as a sort of heavy shotgun, unlike weapons like Ember celica which fires Blasts at quite a long range this weapon's shooting range is quite shorter, it does however cover a wide spread, at point blank this blast can be devastating.

6. The body the Dust Compactor which energizes or compresses the dust for either the lance or the flak cannon, this same case contains the firing mechanisms.

7. Transport pipe, passes the powdered dust from the chamber to the compactor.

8. Chamber holding ammunition 

9. Powdered dust canisters, they last quite a considerable amount of shots but it takes some time and usually requires one to stop moving in order to replace it.

10. A Very long Pole arm styled grip, very clearly meant for two handed use.
Mech Guns
This are Four weapons i spend about an hour drawing, that's not counting about seven sketches that will never see the light of the day, hope they are nice since the only thing i am decent at drawing is guns, most of this guns are made somewhat similar to human guns as in the concept of a Pilot being more familiar with this weapon because they could identify a trigger, magazine, grip, etc.
The Mech model sketch or "Unit's" As i'm calling em is a still a WIP since I Am having a hard time drawing it, but its meant to be a more agile and Humanoid Unit, it takes a lot of inspiration from Titanfall's Ronin and Northstar, but more will be tough of later 

[=] The "Arquebust" Is a multipurpose launcher cannon; it's design with a vertical grip and relatively short barrel are meant to make the weapon easier to handle on closer ranges, while also reducing weight. It counts with four separate cylinder chambers which come to a total of four rounds before a reload is necessary, the weapon is reloaded through something akin to a "break action" with a extension and retraction system preventing the weapon from over unfolding and breaking, rounds are loaded manually, akin to a real weapon.

-The weapon is capable of Firing three Different types of Rounds;
The Basic round takes the form of 84 mm ballistic rounds of a semi-rifled design; this rounds are made for general use as such they are decent at dealing with other Unit's armor as well as with Infantry, this rounds are purely ballistic as such stronger armoring may prove difficult to punch through, specially with such a limited ammunition capacity.

-It's Second option of ammunition is a simple fragmentation round, firing large explosive canisters, when released from the barrel the exterior shell is released which reveals a more "spiked" shell, upon detonation, the "Spikes" are send flying while activating special charges which propel the spikes further away, incresing the chances of dealing damage. this rounds is better suited for dealing with Large crowds of infantry over Units, since most pilots can easily avoid the main blast, and the fragmentation will rarely be able to deal enough damage to an Unit, it most however be considered that a direct impact form the blast could result in an instant disabling of an enemy unit.

-The Last rounds are the Hydrogen Anti-Mobile Equipment Rounds or HAMER for short, this rounds are designed to latch onto enemy Armor upon a successful impact, the round been propelled by a rocket charge after initial ignition, if the round successfully latches onto a surface it will soon detonated a compressed Hydrogen bomb which will devastate armor, this ammunition is considered to be quite dangerous and controversial, as it has been known to create quite a considerable colateral damage, specially within more urban locations.

[=] Hammerhead: The hammer head is the modern issue weapon given to most light Units, this "Assault cannon" is considerable short compared to most Unit weaponry, the weapon allows for versatile use thanks to its stable automatic fire with a fire rate moderate from 500 rpm, to a more rapid 700, thought a lower rate is recommended to keep the weapon from overheating or even worst a jamming.
The round used by the Hammer head is often refereed to as the "Double tap", it has an [ oversize ] rifle round shaping to itself, the more important part is the round itself, upon reaching 200 meters or more effectively hitting an enemy, the round will detonate a secondary charge which will incrase the round general effective range, or if landing on an enemy have the round detonate and punch into the enemies armor, the weapon has a clip reload design which holds up to 35 rounds, along with a visible hammer, thought not recommended most pilots see to prefer to pull the hammer manually.

[=] The "Brochette" Is an old dog of war, being one of the first pack of weapons designed for field use for Unit's, despite showing his age in certain scenarios it remains a desired option due to its reliability and versatility, the weapon may however show jamming's in sustained fire, in such cases, the round can be extracted by simply pulling back the hammer again, The Repeater fires a thin Rifle shaped 
20mm round, the round is in fact quite fast compared to other ballistic Unit weapons, this makes it effective of use at multiple ranges, it can hold 24 rounds on its top placed clip. Due to it's grip design the use of short HF [ High frequency ] Blades as bayonets was popularized eventually gaining the weapon the nickname of the Brochette, after the war story of a captan using a full length HF blade as a bayonet, before impaling three enemy Units, Piltos are discouraged from attempting such actions as it could be unhealthy putting them at risk of health problems such as; Death.

[=] The Blunderbuster, is a formerly orbital combat weapon which took little time to be adapted into true field use despite it still been considered a utility weapon, this is a Ballistic railgun weapon sharing a similar design to the Arquebust mostly around the grip section of the arm, the weapon has Eight individual magnetized rail tunnels, which are pressurized along with the magazine, the weapon is fire without the need of an ignition, instead the bolts are released into the rails, which then propels them outwards at high speeds, the weapon although designed for low gravity use, has been known to keep quite a considerable range in land, once out of the "barrels" The Eight rods tend to remain relatively close in range, keeping  a rather tight spread to the weapon in opposition to the expected "buckshot" action. to reload the whole magazine most be unsealed, pulled straight up and thrown away, before being replaced.
-The usual ammunition consists of multiple tungsten tipped rod's this rods where originally designed to be fired at point blank in Zero gravity to fully shatter an enemy vessels hull, in land it's often used as a crowd control against infantry, with the rods easily taking down Infantry while also providing a shock factor, At range this weapon can rarely pierce armor but the rods will usually get stuck on the targets chasis, hopefully proving movement ore difficult or causing damage to joints.

-Its alternate ammunition, which was design for crowd control and disabling, fires eight harpooned rods, which after landing will releases powerful arc of energy, which will shock whatever was unlucky enough to be close to the rods while also connecting this ones and pulling them together, upon a successful  landing of multiple rods, an enemy Unit is usually dismantled and disabled, little to say that infantry trapped near this rods are usually electrified to death without much hustle.


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I liek to paly viddeogames....and upload ever so when i get the guts to do so....sup?


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